15/09/2010 03:51:55
France Set To Deport Gay Cameroonian Tomorrow
In January, Honoré arrived in France after fleeing from his homeland in Cameroon. He is scheduled to be deported to Cameroon because he did not automatically apply for asylum on the grounds of being gay in Cameroon would lead to him being persecuted. He did not know that he could do that.
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On 12 September, he was scheduled to be deported in handcuffs and shackles, but the pilot of the plane refused to do so. Unfortunately, tomorrow, a new flight is suppose to leave with Honoré on it.

He is of the Bamileke ethnicity in Cameroon, and it was his relationship with the son of a prominent member of that ethnic group which led to his sexuality being revealed and threats being made against him.

The French LGBT Groups Ardhis and IDAHO (International Day Against Homophobia) have called for support to stop France from deporting Honoré. Ardhis has had to push for other Cameroonians to receive asylum. So far, neither Ardhis or IDAHO have received any response from the French Minister responsible for granting asylum.

The groups have set up a petition to urge that he be given asylum, and offered two form letters that could be used to push for Honoré to remain in France.


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