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London Meeting Ahead of Presidential Elections in Cameroon
Presidential Election in Cameroon in October:Cameroonians in the UK  Meet with Dr Alain Fogue of RPM Party
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As Cameroonian brace for the next presidential election, those in the UK came together on Saturday 27th August 2011 around Dr Alain Fogue, the president of the RPM Party based in Cameroon. The meeting which took place in London in a form of a round table aimed to explore the contours of the upcoming presidential election in Cameroon.

The meeting materialise the interest that leaders of the Cameroon community in the UK have regularly expressed in exchange views on the political events in their country. For this occasion, 25 opinion leaders meet and discussed current issues surrounding the presidential elections. With less than a week to go before voter’s registration close worldwide, many uncertainties remain. For instance the date of the election is yet to be formally announced and the outgoing president, Mr Paul Biya who is the only one to decide on the date has kept tight lips over this as well as his own intentions to stand for election again after almost three decades in power.

Cameroonian abroad were granted the right to vote in July 2011 and while some voices have been calling for a boycott others who had campaigned for this right to vote register realised they can’t because Cameroon does not recognise dual citizenship. Alain Mbe, one of organiser of this getting gathering says “It’s good to know that we can exercise the right to vote, however it was really necessary to listen to all arguments in an open discussion format”

Dr Alain Fogue chaired the exchange which took place at ExCel-London one of the UK’s premier venues for major events. This was Dr Fogue’s last stop of the tour of other EU capitals and cities. Over the past two years, he has been an outspoken voice in Cameroon. In many interviews and press conferences, he as pleaded to Mr Biya to take stock of his abysmal record and allow for a peaceful transition of power through transparent, free and far elections.  Dr Alain Fogue said “Mr Biya and a handful of his acolytes are using all levers of power to maintain Cameroonian into dependency and poverty and our task is to build capacity to spare Cameroon from the chaos other countries have experienced after leaders overstayed their legitimate time in power”

At the end of the discussions, there three main thoughts emerged. Some think the whole process should be boycotted, others things Cameroonian should go and vote and a third voice lead by Dr Alain Fogue suggest that we should register however refrain from actually voting because what’s been organised is a mere nomination of Mr Biya.

Alain Mbe, the organiser of Saturday’s event has already given his commitment to making his platform available to all Cameroonian leaders who would like to exchange with Cameroonians in the United Kingdom. He says “All presidential candidates can get in touch so that we can organise this sort of exchange ahead of the date”.

Contact Person: Alain Mbe
Telephone Number: 0779 523 4139
Fax Number: 0207 900 3916
Email Address: alain@alainmbe.com


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