19/06/2012 00:53:51
Message to the International Criminal Court's Judges
This awareness has risen in every African’s mind one single question; Is the ICC a judicial weapon put in place by imperialist nations to discipline African leaders and citizens and exploit the continent or a genuine judicial institution that can equally prosecute citizens of the poor and the rich, the strong and the weak nations?
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As August 13th 2012, is approaching, the eyes of the world are turning on the International Criminal Court (ICC). But especially on the Court’s judges who will deal with the trial of one of the most popular leaders of contemporary Africa, Laurent Gbagbo.

Yes, every single African, be he/she for or against Gbagbo, will be watching every single step of this historical trial.
Dear Honourable judges, as the decision making team, you have to take one of the two paths that are right in front of you; you either have to make history by tackling this trial on the lights of the international laws that each of you have vowed to obey during your oaths or you can simply decide to break your oaths by sticking to the politically motivated decision that previously brought Laurent Gbagbo to The Hague while the true criminals are free and continue to terrorise the inhabitants of Cote d’Ivoire since April, 11th, 2011.

Honourable Judges, peoples of Africa, though poor but being part of the humankind, are watching you with no reaction, but in prayer. Let us not ignore, dear friends, that since Gbagbo was sent to the ICC’s custody, Africans have developed a clear perception that the institutions put in place by international community to regulate life in our global integrated society care more for Africa’s raw materials than for the welfare of its people.

After an election won by president Gbagbo in November 2010, to justify their military intervention and their will for regime change in Côte d’Ivoire, the community of nuclear nations lead by Sarkozy’s France who supported M. Ouattara:

•    Promised a peaceful future for all Ivorians under Ouattara’s leadership. Today, to live in peace in Cote d’Ivoire and in the sub-region, one must be pro- Ouattara and/or member of his tribe,

•    They vowed to help the new head of state put in place a national unity government. Today, 90 % of Ouattara’s government ministers are from his tribe or members of RHDP, the political organisation who sponsored him during the second round of the presidential election that he lost.

•    They promised a democratically elected and representative National Assembly.  Today, the Ivorian National Assembly is 100% pro-OuattLaurent Gbagboara.

•    To obtain the transfer of Laurent Gbagbo to The Hague, M. Ouattara said to the world that this transfer could secure a peaceful parliamentary election and guaranty a successful national reconciliation. Today, only 15% of the national electorate put in place a pro-Ouattara legislative power and the institution in charge of the process of reconciliation has finally realised that there is no way out without Gbagbo free and back in Cote d’Ivoire. M. Konan Banny is on his way to The Hague to meet with president Gbagbo and seek his help to reconcile the ivorians. In addition, all the institutions in Cote d’Ivoire that make up the state apparatus are 90 % loaded with unqualified civil servants loyal to Ouattara or the members of his tribe.

In lieu of peace and stability that western leaders promised once Ouattara in power, Cote d’Ivoire is today in total chaos. The country has become a real no man’s land whose ownership is claimed by citizens of Burkina Faso. Throughout the country, M. Ouattara’s militiamen are killing, raping, dispossessing peasants of their lands and plantations and arresting anyone suspected to be hostile to their leader’s regime. On a daily basis. And it happens, at home and abroad. In a total impunity. This is the post-Gbagbo’s country ivorians are living in. This is the paradise we were promised by Ouattara and his allies.

After Ouattara’s more than twenty years of lies about the state of our nation, and his first year in power, the world has finally discovered the truth about the 2010 presidential election and known the man. And, therefore, it has understood the real motivation of those who overthrew president Gbagbo and sent him to the International Criminal Court.

This awareness has risen in every African’s mind one single question; Is the ICC a judicial weapon put in place by imperialist nations to discipline African leaders and citizens and exploit the continent or a genuine judicial institution that can equally prosecute citizens of the poor and the rich, the strong and the weak nations?
From August 13th, you will have to give Africans and the world a clear and unequivocal response to this important question. It will be a yes or no response. Honourable Judges, with this trial, the credibility of your institution is at stake. And you are fully aware of it.

As independent judges, the pen of history, your history and that of the weaker nations around the world, is in your hand. This is your time and a lifetime occasion to write the golden pages of your own history at a global level. This is your chance to save a nation, Cote d’Ivoire, and give hope to a continent, Africa.

There is no doubt that you are academically well equipped for the mission; you are highly qualified law professionals and the ICC has given you the power to make your own judgment without fear of any reprisal from anyone. This trial will show the all world, including the United Nations, if you have accepted to remain independent or decided to serve as puppets.

As the trial’s date is getting closer, what you have to do with courage, determination and dignity, if we may say that, is to get ready to show the world thLaurent Gbagboat you are free from any political ties and can say the law without fear of losing your jobs. In president Gbagbo’s case, there is no hiding place for those corrupt law professionals who are always ready to give politically motivated verdicts to please western powers or protect their interests.

The forthcoming case is empty of any serious accusations backed with proves that can lead to any charges against the elected president of Cote d’Ivoire, Laurent Gbagbo. And you know it. A free and fare trial in this case can only lead to the release of president Gbagbo. And the world knows it.

If you hold this case with professionalism, I can guaranty you that you all will become heroes for weaker nations and peoples and the ICC, your institution, will gain in credibility before Africans. And most importantly, when president Gbagbo will walk free, Côte d’Ivoire will regain peace and stability and this will pave the way to the country’s development.

This victory will not be seen by Gbagbo as his own victory, not even that of the millions of his supporters to whom he is grateful and he cherishes. This historical victory that you also will have made possible will be that of the future of the Ivorian nation. Honourables judges, as the people of Africa and weaker nations around the world are watching, the choice is yours.

May God Almighty bless you all while you are taking the right decision.
M. Arsène DOGBA
Political Scientist


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